People helping us reduce coop costs.


7 Years
Sep 25, 2012
Canton, Ohio
So my ex fiancé works at a shop for a great employer. His boss had a trailer torn apart a while back and still has all of the lumber. He said if we can haul it we can have it. We have nothing to haul 14 foot long lumber with.

My father-in-law is moving and decided to rent a trailer instead of a truck so we can haul the lumber. Plus FIL won't have a garage when he moves so we get shelving from his garage and most of the stuff that is on the shelves, including nails, screws, bolts and hinges.

Then there's my neighbor. He gave us a rabbit hutch that he doesn't need anymore and a playhouse that is weathered but sturdy. Hutch for broodies and playhouse for the bantams coming in June.

Plus two businesses less than five minutes from my house let us have pallets whenever.

This is costing a lot less than i anticipated. I can't wait to get to building!
This is great! My dad is a collector of stuff, and he had lots of wood in his garage that he gave us, plus a big piece of rubber roofing, too. We can get some pallets, but they are proving harder to get than we thought. We'll still have quite a bit to buy though. And the hardware cloth is going to be a big expense. Glad I can save some.

Good luck to you!
Hubby's dad is a recovering collector. I'm hoping that my husband will start collecting stuff now that his dad won't have a stockpile waiting for us to start a project. It would he keep the cost of my many projects down, lol. Have you tried hitting large stores for broken pallets? We ended up with 5 times what we needed when hubby did that. You're right about the hardware cloth, but I'm trying to come up with a design for the run that allows for using very little. Good luck with your project!

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