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*A Scrambled Egg*
14 Years
Feb 8, 2009
Can you help me please? Anyone know where I can find hobby farms to rent? I'm relocating there and I have yet to find a proprtey that I like and will work for us...
Giving you a bump.. Hmmm I do not know how to help. I have not rented anything in many decades. Finding a farm to rent may be difficult. Maybe try the real estate listings "hobby farms for sale" see if anyone will rent the place to you while they try and sell it. With the slow economy places can sit on the market for a long time. (My brother in law rents a house for dirt cheap for the past few years, catch is if it sells they have to move..)

Try over in the wisconsin thread:

This was in my local paper. I do not know who the owner is or any details. I just copied from the ad in the paper.

Private 1 acre N. of Rockton Beautiful 3 BR, Hardwood floors, Agent Owned. New kitchen, $925/month 815-494-4945

If you could give a few details I will look in the mls to see if there is anything. My sister is a relator and she may know of something.

How many acres do you need? Any special zoning like Ag or Residential? How big of a house? What kind of outbuildings? Are you looking to rent only?

Craigslist may have something also.
Yup, bring your questions to the Cheesehead Thread. Quite a few people in those areas, they will be glad to help.

Hi ON!
Thanks! I havent found anything on craigslist, we are looking for something ag zoned so we can keep goats and chickens, we need at least 3-bedrms... Other than that I'm not real picky
We are looking to rent b/c we are only there for 3-5yrs

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