People saleing sick chickens to unsuspecting people kill me!!!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by pamperedpoultry, Feb 22, 2009.

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    Well let me tell ya about my loss yesterday. Could have been a worse situation Had I not checked them out before I brought them home. I went to a live chicken auction Knowing I've gotten sick chickens before at sales, should have reminded myself that. Anyhows here came a cage of chickens it was 6 hens and 1 rooster of the black dutch bantams... DH says ooooh we dont have anything solid black so I bid up to $5 a piece. Tickled to death thinkin I got this whole bunch for what a pair should cost...go to pick them up and takin them to the truck start to look them over...UGH!!!! at least 3 of them had nasty looking noses. I was not about to take them home. But there's nothing I could do about it there's nothing sayin you cant sell sick chickens there. just so happen's the "buyer" who buys up everything was parked beside me... He took them off my hands for $2 a piece... made me sick. I refuse to sale anything thats sick I dont understand how some people could care less to toss their problems off on someone else.. that deal cost me $20 bucks but I'm so thankful I left them there and didnt bring the problem home...

    On a happier note I also bid on a trio of mille fluers.. They look rough no tail feathers and have been picked at but they seem to be healthy so far. Even one of the hens laid an egg today already. she must feel at home already. And my hubby picked him up a pair of the lady amheurst (however ya spell it) pheasants.. they need some TLC also the crate they had them in ripped most of his tail feathers out.

    Guess I'm done ranting!
  2. redhen

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    yep! some people have no consience or souls....creeps!...[​IMG]
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    There probably is a law that prohibits the sale of sick or exposed animals of contagious diseases in your State if you just check into it.
  4. dave_Cash69

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    Feb 15, 2009
    well; thats a chance you always take when you go to an auction.
    so far. ive had good luck at auctions.
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    I really dont want to sound snotty or such but an Auction is an Auction and most animals are there for a reason.
    One of the auctions I frequent is MEAT animals only. they're not supposed to be bought and returned to a flock , herd etc.

    Most state require auction barns to post such rules.
    If animals are bought at auction intended for meat purposes only and a USDA inspector finds them in farm life again there are heavy fines attached to the purchas.

    Yes you can get healthy, nice animals at auction but for the most part the animals are there for a reason, and thats not to be returned to farm life.

    Auctions are what they are you take your chances.
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    Quote:Yeah you do take your chance's but for the most part the people that sale at this one are normally there at all of them, and different breeders bring their's. Its not a meat only sale. I myself sold some yesterday too.( all my birds we're healthy young birds I'd raised my self) But you will get some every now and then that will bring their problems to to make it someone elses.
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    We have a small chicken auction locally. I always take an extra good look at any thing I might bid on. I tried to find the seller and ask questions. I usually get a gist of how that person takes care of his flock.

    I love silkies, so i bid on mostly them. I try not to bid on any cage that has a lot of chickens or different kinds in it.

    We isolate for 2 weeks and sometimes longer when and if anything comes back to the farm.
  8. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
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    Quote:ooh relly...yeah, i want to eat a sick animal...UGH!...[​IMG] or not...they are STILL selling sick animals...wrong thing to do..IMO...
  9. shortcake1806

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    Sep 11, 2007
    What will the guy you sold them to do with them?
  10. pamperedpoultry

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    Quote:Yeah me too I always keep my stuff seperate that I bring in.

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