people who shouldn't reproduce RANT!!! (long)

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    Oct 27, 2008
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    I was at my mosque the other night, and we were about to pray, when this little girl comes up to me and the people I was standing with, crying. she said that she had been on the swings outside when another girl whose name she doesn't know came up to her, pushed her off the swings, kicked her several times in the stomache (sp?), and poured a cup of juice on her. there had been quite a few other kids outside at the time, and they all named the same girl, but before I could talk to her mother, the prayer started and I decided to talk to her after.

    I ended up praying next to this girl and her friend. the whole time we were praying, she was giggling, running around, whispering, etc. a couple of other little kids came in and started to pray, but then left aftter about a minute, and they weren't loud at all. but when we tell this girl's mother that she was being very distracting during prayer she says that all the kids do stuff like that and everyone always blames her daughter. and when I tell her what she did to this other little girl, she says that it wasn't her daughter, her daughter was downstairs with her brothers (I saw these brothers outside, and they even said it was their sister who did it), and that anyway we should forgive her if she did do it because she is the only girl and is a little bit spoiled.

    She did absolutely nothing to discipline her child! I have seen this girl (who is 7 years old) swearing and using language that most adults I know would never use! and the best part is that this woman is the first person to yell at other people's kids over the slightest things. just yesterday she yelled at my sister because, while helping serve dinner, she accidentally dropped a piece of meat into a plate of chicken.
    so basically her daughter can do no wrong, while my sister gets yelled at for making a small mistake while volunteering to help serve dinner, which btw meant that she had to wait to eat until after everyone else, even after she spent the whole day fasting.

    that woman made me so angry [​IMG]
    am I being unreasonable here? because I was told that it wasn't that big of a deal and there was no reason for me to be angry.

    sorry it was so long. I needed to vent.
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    Marwa, when you become a parent, you'll meet lots of other parents just like that. I'm right there with you, honey. That girl will grow up and be in lots of hot water as a teenager, I'm betting.
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    Yep..i agree with you..Some people should NOT reproduce. Can you go to someone higher in the mosque? And tell them what has been going on...
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    I know people like this... nothing their child can do is wrong. And dont ever try to give them any advise or pointers either. They will kill you will looks.. lol

    I hate to even go there but if I had acted like this .... oh ooweee.. my mom would slap me like a red headed step child real fast.
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    the problem is that there really isn't anything that anyone can do. no one can make her discipline her kids. and because this woman is a refugee, people don't want to confront her about her bad parenting and make things harder for her. personally I think that refugee or not these are still her kids and it isn't like it costs money to discipline them, but what can I do? [​IMG]
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    You are correct that's awful parenting skills. May I suggest next time letting those in charge know what's going on? (for the life of me I can't remember the titles of who leads mosque services, and I know we covered it in last year's history classes).

    In the meantime try to be positive to the children, and correct gently "I know you're hurt, shall we pray that she learns pacience?". Sooner or later the child who bullies has no friends, because of thier actions.
  7. Sonoran Silkies

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    Sounds like the playground needs some adult supervision to hopefully prevent this kind of behavior, and if/when it does occur, to take disciplinary action? It would also prevent the kids from running in and out during services and distracting those who are at prayer.
  8. You said she was a refugee. Maybe some elder in your Mosque, could talk to her and remind her she is no longer living in her homeland and that type of behaver is not accepted here, and she should remember where she came from.I really do not know of anything that can upset me more is for a parent to let their children disrup in a house of worship. marrie
  9. twentynine

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    Jun 14, 2009
    The other children will do more to corrext that behavior, than the parents. When. Because of her behavior she will have no friends to play with.
  10. English Chick

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    Jun 27, 2008
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    I would speak to the Imran at the mosque and explain that the child's mother needs to be spoken to.... A) for the good of the child herself. .....B) for the safety of the other children...

    What is obviously a bullying tactic could get seriously out of hand, especially if the child in question knows she can "get away with anything" and won't suffer any consequences.......

    AM sure the elder's will handle the whole thing on your behalf.... it might be wise to also see if any other parents whose children have been bullied by the girl will back you up and also talk to the Imran.

    Good luck and lt us know how you get on.............

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