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    Last year we had a mat heater and I'm pretty sure it did absolutely nothing. I admit the idea of heating a coop is more for the humans than the chickens but have an idea anyway... Has anyone tried heating just he perch? It would seem to be the most direct way of heating the birds and not wasting electricity on heating the entire coop.
    My perches are a 2x3 and have an idea of hollowing out a board and using a thin 1/4 inch oak board to cover it. I have no clue what the heating element would be.
    Any thoughts, advise??

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    I'm not a fan of adding heat to a coop but the first thing that comes to mind is one of those pipe wrap heaters/gutter defroster that keep pipes and gutters from freezing. Something like this:{keyword}&gclid=CNO7herbgawCFcsBQAod3m5gKQ

    I'm not sure how hot they get, but if it is a low temp then wrap it around the roost and then cover the roost in vinyl or something to protect it.
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    Old school X-Mas lights and a temp regulator from a water heater.
    Set the regulator for about 100 degrees F.

    Here is a link to the Confederate Money Farm Website:
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