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    Aug 12, 2011
    Ok so, our coop has perches at two heights one above the other but staggered. Now I have moved the perches as far apart as I can but the rooster likes to sit up on the top one with the younger hens prefering the lower perch. They seems to huddle togehter under the rooster which means if he poos, which of course he will, its going to land on the birds below. Other than the obvious dirt is this going to do the hens harm and will they learn to move out of his way? There would be space for them all on the lower perch but at the same time I dont want to make the rooster less comfortable? So grateful for any advice!
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    You might search for the phrase "poop hammock" on this forum and see the clever things folks have created. The hammock hangs slightly under the roost and catches the poop produced by the chickens/roosters on the roost. Not only would this keep the chickens on the lower roosts from getting pooped on, it also makes your coop easier to clean because the majority of the poop is pooped while the chickens are on the roost so you can just dump the hammock in the compost bin and re-hang it.
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    Thanks hummingbird for the advice to the poster-I had no idea and will look into this since we have the same issue.

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