Perhaps this is an ignorant question but,

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    Can anyone tell me about crops? Where they are located, How to know if it is infected, and what to do about it. I saw the post on crop operation, but I would like some more general info.

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    I saw a chicken diagram and it appeared to be in the front of their neck, kinda like where the adam's apple would be. I don't know how to tell if it's infected but I would assume if you can see it (swollen) then it's infected.
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    good question

    Crop problems - indicators

    If the bird stops eating
    If the crop becomes rock hard and doesn't go down by morning
    If the crop is distended
    If the bird is dribbling fluid from its mouth or it runs out of the mouth when you pick the bird up
    If the mouth area smells really bad
    If the bird start to vomit
    If the bird stops eating
    If the droppings turn green, it can idicate crop problems and your seeing undiluted bile

    Many many different indicators as to a bird that may or may not have a crop problem

    The best advice I can give you is... go and spend time with your birds, watch them, pick them up, feel them, feel their crops, feel their combs, feel their legs and feet, look into their eyes, look at the feathering, look at the base of the feathers, look at the vent area

    Watch them, study them, then when one displays characteristics that are not what you feel is normal... act on your gut feelings and do something about it .. ask questions if your not sure.. giving as much detail about the BIRD not the country side or coop or how you found the bird, concentrate on discussing the bird and the symptoms
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    rub your hand down the neck..near the bottom at the breast area, as indicated on the'll feel a little sac..if they've eaten, this will feel full, like a bag..
    the more they eat and drink, the bigger it gets.
    but thru the night it should empty, and in the morning before they eat, it will feel like a little sac again..
    if it is still full
    if it feels hard like a balloon
    if it is soft and squishy
    if it feels grainy
    if it has lumps or bumps
    or any of the symptoms listed above..
    there could be a problem..

    good idea to check your birds often.

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