Permanent marker on baby chick?

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  1. I will be having 3 batch of chicks hatch about 1 week after another. So I was thinking, when I got my chicks from cackle they were marked on their down with a pink marker. Could I use a permanent marker and put a small dot on each of the chicks heads to know who they are, just until there legs are big enough to put bands on?
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    May 20, 2008
    I would be afraid that the other chicks would peck at the dots. Maybe it would be better to mark them somewhere not so visible. I think I have heard of people who paint their toenails, so maybe the pecking wouldn't be an issue.
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    That's what we used to identify the chicks with pasty butt, we marked them on their head and back with it, you can also get sprays... like Sprayolo, which is really good and non-toxic.

    And, as a bonus...they come in lots of fun colours!
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    Some use those colored zip ties on the chicks legs. They are easy to use and cut off when they get too small. Be sure to watch closely on growing chicks [​IMG].

    Take lots of pics and post so we can see them please! [​IMG]
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    Sure. You can use a marker. I have used color markers to mark chicks no problem. As long as it doesn't stick feathers together, the others should leave them alone. White leghorns with black head spots anyone?
  6. I would use the nail polish but i heard that it comes off easy.
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    Sep 18, 2007
    I've used the nail polish but, you have to redo it once a day. I switched to yarn. It is easy to change and I had a whole bunch around due to crocheting. If you don't have any around check garage sales and Goodwill type stores. Often they have used skeins for cheep.
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    I'd go for markers rather than yarn. You'd hate for yarn to come off and get ingested.
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    Triple knotted. I've not had one come off.
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    I used permanent markers and water based markers (Crayola makes those for kids) and they both worked great. Just use neutral colors as in chick colors like a white chick will get a black marker, brown chick get black, black chick ummmm, sometimes purple or red will work on their foreheads. I have to apply the markers every five to seven days and it gives me time to personally see each one of them well checking featherings, poopy areas, navels, toes deformities, beaks and eyes....

    Good luck!

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