Permethrin and Deep Litter

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    I had a hard time deciding which forum to post this in, so my apologies if it's better suited elsewhere.

    We are overrun with giant mosquitoes right now. I mean, we walk outside and like 50 land on each person/animal available. I'm wiping down the dogs with mosquito spray just so they can focus long enough to potty. I'm reapplying on myself like every 30 mins it feels like

    Anyway. I picked up some mosquito dunks to put in our derelict pond. I should have done this weeks ago, but I digress. We have a creek nearby that's also a source of water so we still do battle, regardless of the pond.

    Naturally, there are mosquitoes in the coop. I picked up some permethrin concentrate today along with a spray bottle to dilute. My thoughts are to spray down the back wall of the coop (hoop coop), their roost, and the inside of the nest boxes (and add fresh bedding afterwards). My concern is with over spray and the deep litter on the coop floor. On one hand, I'm sure the mosquitoes are hanging out in the bedding too and over spray shouldnt be a bad thing, but what about the other good things living in the bedding? At what point will using the spray be detrimental to the litter?

    I'm also looking at getting a bug zapper to set far away from the coop (the flowtrons suggest 25ft at a minimum because it draws the bugs to it and reviews confirmed). They're that bad that I just want to do all the things to be rid of them!
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    Pyrethrum will kill any insect it is applied to, but it's not really a repellent. And I would be very hesitant to chemically treat any water that the chickens may drink. The creek isn't really a source of mosquitoes, since it's only standing water that mosquitoes use for egg/larva rearing. As for the dogs, stop spraying them with repellent. It's not safe for use on pets. There are many oral and spot-on treatments that target both fleas and mosquitoes.
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    The chickens don't have access to the derelict pond. Also, the topicals for the dogs havent been delivered yet. I understand the human sprays aren't meant for pets but it's what we have on hand. I'm not spraying them down with it but am applying to my own hands to wipe them down. I'm trying to take care in how much and where the chemicals land (not eyes/mouth/nostrils).

    Thank you for the reminder that its not a repellent
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