Permethrin - Yard treated Safe to eat grass?


Nov 6, 2021
Hi all!
I am staying at my MIL house, with my 4 dogs and 3 chickens. She has a ton of cats and fleas are all over the backyard. We did so much research, decided permethrin was our best bet to battle them. Safe via ratio chart at .50 it’s been sunny and dried out over 24 hrs. (Yes cats were kept far away so it could dry)

My question is: can my chickens free range eat in that area or no???

My dogs like to eat grass sometimes. Safe for them to chew on the grass? Should I wait longer?

getting pretty conflicted information out there. Pamphlets with the stuff do not say. Hoping someone out there knows the answer? Thanks all!!!


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Don't know about the dogs (I imagine they'd be ok, since they're unlikely to eat large amounts of grass) but the chickens can free range in the area. If they were treated with permethrin for mites, for example, they'd naturally groom themselves afterwards and ingest some of it.

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