Perpetually broody hen

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    Feb 16, 2008
    I have a cuckoo maran hen that went broody back in like Feb/March. She was broody for a couple months with me taking her out of the nest a couple times a day when I got eggs. In April she finally broke and a couple weeks later laid an egg...she laid 3 total in 3 days then went broody again. 2 months later she finally broke....she laid her first egg a week ago....same thing, laid 3 and is now broody again.

    So my question is....if I just let her hatch eggs will she get it out of her system? Or will this most likely continue anyway? For some reason I am wary of her being a good mother. She's always been an outsider in the flock, sleeps away from the rest when she isn't broody, etc....And just seems to have an odd personality in general. But I feel bad for her sitting and sitting with no reward, and while I don't really need more chicks right now I am willing to give her a shot if she'll get off the nest afterwards!

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    I have some that will not get off the nest even when all the eggs have hatched and there are no eggs left they will move to a nest with newly laid eggs and sit,sit,sit [​IMG]

    I give up, unlike some here i really do not like the broody deal, i prefer to hatch them myself.

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