Persistant/dumb hawk!

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    Aug 30, 2009
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    Since this past summer, there's been a "dumb" hawk circling around here. It's either a young redtail, or a falcon from the city program of pigeon control. We're only 8 miles from where they released falcons downtown, so a falcon is possible. It's small, whichever it is, no bigger than my Game hens.

    I've seen this thing crash into bushes after squirrels, screw up dives after doves, hop around on the ground trying to salvage a hunt. Seems pretty inexperienced. But it must be catching something, since it's still here.

    I loosened up the netting on my run, relieving the tension so that it won't break it if it dives into it, but it'll get REALLY tangled up. Hopefully if it does that, it'll learn a lesson.

    But today, it's been scoping things out from each of the giant trees in the yard. Once, it came down to the lowest branch right above the coop, about 20 feet away.

    I walked towards it and it flew off. Hens know better, then run inside every time, sometimes when the Blue Jays say a warning before they can even see the hawk. But Jibbers the rooster, stands out there watching and making his noises. So I haven't left them alone at all, and I keep a look out too when the chickens are out.

    Hope the nighbors have their chickens put up! I saw it in the trees near their yard too.

    Guess the hawk will be staying around if it survives the winter... luckily my young birds know what to do!

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