Persistent diarrhea in 1 of 5.

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    5 girls, 11 months old. All good buddies, no negative behavioral issues noted.

    4 Have molted and have been laying for about 2 weeks now (took a 3 month break due to winter and molting).

    The girl with diarrhea is still doing a soft-molt, which I thought might be the cause - but the diarrhea has been going on for 2+ weeks now which is what is concerning me. I can always tell where she slept on the roost because the bedding underneath is wet with no big brown chicken-poop-lumps.

    I've done a physical check, and besides her ragged feathers, she seems fine. She runs around and doesn't show any signs of being sick otherwise. Eats, scratches in the leaves, hangs with the other girl, etc.

    When she poops, it shoots out of her vent in 1 big squirt, sometimes spraying a foot behind her.

    They free-range all day, so it's possible she got into something. But none of the other girls are showing any signs of this.

    All day Food: Scratch-N-Peck in coop.
    Morning: Scratch-N-Peck fermented.
    Occasional: Handful of steel-cut-oats and BOSS

    I see them eating clover / grass out of my yard, along with any bugs that happen to cross their path.


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    That is what mine do when they need to be wormed. I have to worm twice a year.

    Some vets will do a fecal test for worms/cocci/bacteria (call first before you bring the poo to see if they do it and what the fee is). False negatives are possible for the worm test.

    Make sure you retreat at 10 days to break the life cycle of the worms.

    Wazine treats large roundworms- eggs must be tossed (see below).
    Rooster Booster treats more kinds of worms and has no egg withdrawal.
    Valbazen and safeguard also treat more kinds but you have to toss the eggs for (a lot of people say on BYC) 2 weeks.

    Since you haven't had a worm problem before (I am assuming) it may be worth it to you to get her poo tested. I have had repeated worm problems on my soil and just treat them.

    Her feathers hopefully will look better soon. I am assuming you don't have mites/lice.
    *You can do a search on BYC or ask for help with Valbazen and safeguard as it would be an off-label treatment for chickens. Wazine is not approved for egglayers. Rooster Booster is the only one I know of that is approved for egglayers. Here:
    note this is a very old paper and some of the approval info is out of date
    another link
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    Just as a bit of added info... I was getting the "chicken jail" ready for her today, and this is what she left on the floor for me:


    I got out the magnifying glass (my wife thought I was nuts!) and could see no worms or eggs. I know that doesn't mean that they're not there, but I thought I would check.

    Right now she's had her fill of greek yogurt with live cultures and water with ACV in it. If that doesn't help at all, I'll call the vet on Monday for some worming meds.
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    From your description of the type of diarrhea and the length of time it's been going on, I would suspect Clostridium Perfringens. It can happen when a blockage occurs in the digestive system, and food goes rotten in the gut. If your girls free range then it is possible that she's eaten something she really shouldn't have (a dead mouse, some extra long grass or weeds...)

    The 'explosive' diarrhea and the partly digested food with lots of water are big signs. In order to convince your wife that you are indeed completely mad, you could also check for the other sign, which is that the poop smells different - kind of sweet, but not really pleasant to smell (but then again not exactly stomach churning either). I know that's a kind of vague description, but once you smell it you'll know what I mean!

    Treatment is relatively easy - I gave my girl big doses of amoxycillin for around 10 days, and it worked.

    Here are a couple of links for you to look at:
  5. ShockValue

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    Jan 10, 2010
    West Sound, Washington
    Well, we've finished our worming treatment and that hasn't helped. Still very runny and squirting out in one big shot.

    Thing's I've noticed:

    She spends significantly more time at the nipple waterer than the other chickens.
    She weighs slightly less than the other chickens.

    Both of these things make sense, considering what's coming out the other end.

    KayTee - I will look into what you suggested.

    Open to other thoughts as well....
  6. dawg53

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    Give her buttermilk mixed with scrambled egg for a few days and see if that helps.

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