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  1. HI guys for years I painted ornaments professionally until the passed two when my father fell ill then passed away. I have decided to once again start painting. So I thought I would start advertising my services here.

    I will paint ANY pet, house (great first home owners presents), vehicle ect. onto a clear glass ornament from YOUR photo. These are all signed, dated and sealed with a clear lacquer to protect them. They can be cleaned with a soft cloth and either mild dish soap or I use a paper towel and window cleaner. Each ornament will be sent with care instructions. Gifts can be mailed to addresses other then purchasers. If you have any questions or would like to see photos of other ornaments I have done in the past, ( horses, dogs, ect) please feel free to email me at [email protected] Here are some I had saved on the computer yet.

    here are just a few of the dozens of houses I have done



    a coon dog

    and some grand kids ( please do not ask me to do people though because currently I do not feel I can do you a good job due to the amount of time it has been since I have done portraits, next year I will probably be willing to though when I have my confidence in doing fine work back. )
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    Wow! You are amazing. I will keep this in mind. Christmas is closer than it seems. Great work!
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    Stunning work. Don't think you're charging enough.
    I'll be thinking about this.

    Imp- not a very artistic imp.
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    Nice jobs. Do you take paypal? Does it work with Google maps house photos?
  5. thanks [​IMG]

    I use to paint on average between 500 and 1000 custom ornaments a season plus do 14 holiday shows. Needless to say when my dad was dieing it was just too much so I quit all together which was probably a big mistake. I know I will not do my big order ever again 200 of the same covered bridge was just ridiculous and is defiantly for some one else.

    I would suggest though if you do decide you would like something done that you try to order early because things get nuts after mid October it is like everyone suddenly remembers Christmas. And each is totally painted by hand there are absolutely no stencils or decals of any kind. All are extremely detailed, houses have iceciles and Christmas decorations on them , snowmen in the yards when requested. Pets have all collars and even some times I have been asked to include the favorite toys of the animal that are in the picture as well.

    It can take a few days to do one ornament from start to finish + dry time depending on how complicated it is. And shipping can take up to 10 days per order if it going cross country.

    Trust me I know I don't charge enough I have been told for years by loyal customers. But I have had problems for years at local shows selling them for as little as $10, needless to say I don't do the shows anymore because I was losing money. I will tell you the same thing I tell them, if you order an ornament and feel that it's quality is worth more then I am asking tips are greatly appreciated [​IMG]
  6. Quote:Thank you [​IMG]

    I am working on getting a pal pay account currently, I am not to computer savy so I am going to have a friend help me set it up. Hopefully I will have it figured out in the next week or so. Until then I take USPS money orders.

    As for the google maps photos I honestly have never used one. But as long as it was a clear COLOR photo and fairly close up (like a view from standing across the street) it will work.

    Normally fokes will email me with an order including number of ornaments wanted and yours or the zip code where it is to be mailed when completed. I email you an invoice including the shipping and handling and cost of ornament(s). You mail me this back with payment and photos I create ornament(s) to fill order, mail them out and send you back your photos.

    You can order more then one at a time and it is usually cheaper on shipping unless they are going to different locations.

    Hope this helps

    Edited to add: or you can email me pics that works to and simply mail your payment.
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    Beautiful! So how does this work? I send you a picture?
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    Hmmm, I have a photo of my hubby's cat who passed, but the background was my messy apartment (we'd just had a baby), could you put the cat in a um... tidy background?
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    can you paint on other things than ornaments?
  10. Quote:you email me with a number of ornaments you would like, I make you out an invoice with the cost of ornament(s) and sh ( I am looking into the new USPS flat rate boxes tomorrow but I am not yet sure if that is cheaper then my normal figure it out by your zip code way of doing things. ) I email you this. You mail it to me with your photos and payment I create your ornaments(s) for you and mail them back.

    I can also mail them to other locations if they are gifts but please let me know this because I have to charge individual shipping for each then, instead of combined shipping, so much for as many as I can safely pack in a box.

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