Peruvian Paso Gelding for Sale, WASHINGTON STATE

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  1. 4 year old Peruvian Paso gelding for sale. This horse was a rescue from neglect. He is so ugly that he's cute oh & he's not very smart. He's got a BIG head, but his hooves are nice-sized & his legs are solid. [​IMG] However, he's so sweet that it doesn't matter!

    He is 14.2h and purebred, but not papered. He has excellent bloodlines. His sire is MSR Sher Khan, his dam is R-L Armonia. He is eligiable for registry within the NAPHA but I got him as a yearling and the fee to register him after the age of one is $600.00 so I didn't bother.

    He is bright chestnut with two stockings in the back & has a flaxen mane/tail, EXTREMELY laid-back, wonderful gait, good termino, nice lift, good back, loose shoulders, big feet & gorgeous coloring. "Huey" is easy to catch, stands tied, trims, lunges, clips, bathes, loads, hauls, wears blankets, excellent ground manners, been ponied in arena & trails. Started lightly last summer by professional trainer, no buck or spook! Has been ridden twice this spring--he's coming along nicely. He shows tremendous potential as a trail, arena or even as a lesson horse (eventually). Best suited for small woman or experienced child.

    Huey is up to date on his farrier work, shots & worming.

    Asking $2800 for a limited time. Once he's got more training & rides on him, the price will increase to at least $3,200 After I get my "economic tax return," I plan on papering him. With papers, I will be asking $4,000 for him.

    E-mail me for conformational photos, but you'll have to excuse his winter fuzz. [​IMG]


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