Peruvian Paso Gelding for Sale, WASHINGTON STATE

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  1. 4 year old Peruvian Paso gelding for sale. This horse was a rescue from neglect.

    He is 14.2h and purebred, but not papered. He has excellent bloodlines. His sire is MSR Sher Khan, his dam is R-L Armonia. He is eligiable for registry within the NAPHA but I got him as a yearling and the fee to register him after the age of one is $600.00 so I didn't bother. However, the NAPHA is having a deal until this fall that registration is only $150...

    He is bright chestnut with two stockings in the back & has a flaxen mane/tail, EXTREMELY laid-back, wonderful gait, good termino, nice lift, good back, loose shoulders, big feet & gorgeous coloring. "Huey" is easy to catch, stands tied, trims, lunges, clips, bathes, loads, hauls, wears blankets, excellent ground manners, been ponied in arena & trails. Started lightly last summer by professional trainer, no buck or spook! Has been ridden twice this spring--he's coming along nicely. He shows tremendous potential as a trail, arena or even as a lesson horse (eventually). Best suited for small woman or experienced child.

    Huey is up to date on his farrier work, shots & worming.

    Asking $2500 for a limited time. Once he's got more training & rides on him, the price will increase to at least $3,500

    After I get my "economic tax return," I plan on papering him. With papers, I will be asking $4,000+ for him.
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    Is that Huey in your avatar. I assumed it was a Paso. My family raised and showed Paso's for years. They are absolutely the most wonderful horses I have ever owned.
  3. Yup. [​IMG] I LOVE Paso's too....originally, Huey was going to be my herdsire--and I had five Peruvian mares to go with him. Then he just never blossomed into stallion quality. [​IMG] So I gelded him. I then discovered that I needed a "real job" to support all of my horses. Which took away a lot of precious time from riding/enjoying them. So I told three of my my mares, gelded Huey and now I'm selling him so we'll be down to just four horses. The market is horrid right now, which doesn't help....
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    Oh my gosh I would so love to buy him if I had the money! Peruvians are one of my favorite breeds that I LOVE. I've loved horses my entire life and would love to own one. Course, it would help as well if I had land to put him on [​IMG] I don't see a horse fitting in a backyard - hehe
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    Jan 13, 2007
    oh my dream horse, have always wanted one but don't think it will ever happen. If I win the lottery wed I will be in touch with you:D
  6. If you win the lottery on Wednesday, his price may go up, LOL! (J/K) but I'm lowering it yet again....he needs a good home. [​IMG]

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