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Oct 23, 2018
Well, I have had my Rooster (Cluck) for not even 3 weeks. My ladies really got attached to him and yesterday I came home from work to be what one could only assume was a massacre to my poor boy. He was lying dead outside the door opening of the coop, feathers EVERYWHERE in the coop and in the run. I know this gross, but I am hoping for some insight on what kind of critter in could be. His poor head had been chewed off :hit, but that was it... no other part of him was touched? I found no paw prints of anything due to in being so wet, so I wasn't able to identify the perpetrator. My ladies would not go back in the coop, but who could blame them after what they witnessed. I cleaned the coop, changed the bedding and locked up the coop nice and tight. After sitting, talking and petting them for a bit to ease them a bit. They were all still there this morning, so intruder did not come back for seconds...yet. Any help on identification would be great! Someone said Opossum and someone said Mink?

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I have trouble with owls every year. All my chicken pens are covered. But the large goose yards are to large to feasibly cover. So I inevitably loose one or two geese to an owl every year. Dealing with predators and lost birds is just part of the game.


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Invest in a trail camera.
They are not as expensive as they once were. set it up pointed at your coop and you might be suprised at what comes around to see how preditor proof your set up is.
Believe me if you are going to be a long time chicken owner this is a tool you are going to want to have.
Sorry for the loss of your rooster!

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