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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Coralietg, May 22, 2010.

  1. Coralietg

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    Apr 10, 2010
    Opelousas, LA
    We've had a rooster visiting for a few days now that is picking fights with our rooster and trying to seduce his chicks. We've tried scaring him off with the BB gun, spraying water, but he keeps coming back. Earlier today we managed to catch him, kept him in a dog crate all day to try and decide what to do with him. He belongs to a lady across from us who lets all her animals free range (we've had her pigs come into the garden too many times). I talked the husband into letting him go when the sun went down thinking he would go home, husband let him out of the cage across the road, the rooster circled back around straight towards our hen coup.

    What is the best thing to do about the rooster?

    Husband is outside right now about to strangle it, lol.

    Sorry for all the questions.

  2. nzpouter

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    Jan 19, 2009
    new zealand
    stuff it with breadcrumbs, rosemary, garlic (lots), onion, pepper, salt and a bit of cayenne pepper... pre-heat oven slow roast for 40 min.
  3. arch_cpj

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    Mar 19, 2010
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    Quote:dont forget some sage and then as far as anyone knows the coons got him... mmmmmmmmmm fesh rooster!!!!
  4. jjparke

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    Apr 20, 2008
    Yes it will be your dirty little secret
  5. paddock36

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    [​IMG] What time is (he coming back) dinner?
  6. Penturner

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    Feb 1, 2010
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    My land my dinner. I would be well stocked on ham and bacon as well. I'm the friendly sort though and will let you know the first time. second time I might offer you some of the bacon. I would go out of my way to let them know I had there animals slaughtered as well. It is one thing for me to want them to keep their animals at home. Completely another for them to want to. I will do all I can to help them get just that sort of desire.
  7. theFox

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    Sep 21, 2009
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    Ah, volunteer supper.

    Be sure to invite its owners over for supper.
  8. blk90s13

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    Feb 16, 2009
    I would cook it and give it to the lady across the street here is your rooster lady we found him in our oven [​IMG]
  9. WoodlandWoman

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    May 8, 2007
    You are all so funny! I'm really enjoying this thread. My neighbor's rooster got in our fenced yard this week and beat the crap out of one of my HENS. The piles of lost feathers looked like a predator attack. At least she is alive. It took me an hour to round up my other chickens, that were all in hiding. Their dogs were over here a couple of times and went after my husband, too. The main reason that rooster is still alive is because my husband got to him before I did. I was really, really mad at that little so and so. Usually I'm more even tempered than that, but to beat up a sweet hen in her own yard just made me really mad. He hasn't come back in the last two days. Maybe he read my mind or understands English. [​IMG]

    My Irish temper has cooled, but I'm still enjoying all these suggestions... I might need them later. [​IMG]

    Coralie, I'm sorry you're having all this trouble. I hope you find a way to get it worked out. I sent my dogs after the rooster here, to get it away from my chicken. Between the dogs chasing it and then my husband chasing it, to herd it out of the gate we opened to let him out, he got a darn good scare. It sounds like yours is more determined, though.
  10. turney31

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    Sep 14, 2008
    palestine texas

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