Pests/parasites to look out for in Queensland, Australia?


Dec 4, 2018
Redland Bay, QLD, Australia
I get what people mean now that when they have a baby they're scared of anything and everything around them killing it. I feel the same way about my chicks!

They're still a while away from being able to live outside but I've been reading a lot about all the different diseases and parasites etc. they can get and I'm getting anxious and I don't wanna let them out lol. They can have my room and I'll go sleep out there.

Anyways, we have them as actual pets so I really don't want them to get sick or die. I just want to know how susceptible to these things they are. My uncle has them and he doesn't clean their cage or anything but I can't think of any times I've seen them be sick (however they're Rhode Island Reds and not bantams like mine).

I have a Polish, a Cochin and a Frizzle Cochin x Silkie. I live in the Brisbane region and wanted to know what I'd have to look out for when the time comes and whether or not this level of concern is reasonable or not.

The pen here is really old, with the door being the only open section for air and light to travel through (except for gaps in the wood) and keep the area dry as it gets very humid here, the moisture being the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of things. The wood is rotting and the metal is rusting. I want to get my step-dad to re-build it, at least partly, I just need some solid arguments to convince him to (such as specific disease, pest, and parasite problems related to this living condition) if this is needed. The chicks are not vaccinated for anything to my knowledge but we will only be living here for another 6 or so months.
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(There's not as much light as it looks like there is in the third picture.)

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