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    PET QUALITY 2012 white silkie pullet affectionately called " Itty Bitty". She is TOO tiny to breed with shes 8 months and about half the size of a normal silkie pullet. She needs to be a pet were she can run around a barnyard ( or even a house for people who are looking for a house chicken) Very sweet she does have a tiny crest and beard. Since she is soo tiny i dont know if shell live a long life or not. We already have pet silkies or shed be staying. I dont want her to go anywhere were shell be bred. Asking $15 to insure a good home not really in a rush to sell her very pleasant to be around. ( prefer not to ship her but can if necessary and you pay for the extra expenses)

    1 pair 2012 breeder quality standard partridge cochins both roosters asking $30 OBO FOR THE PAIR OR $25 EACH WOULD BE GOOD FOR SMALL OPEN OR 4-H SHOWS

    1 2012 male pearl jumbo guinea asking $15 obo good at controlling pesky ticks and other garden insects

    if interested or have any questions please email [email protected] message us, or visit/ like us on face book or visit our website

    **** birds are pick up only due to my very busy work schedule

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