Pet Chicken nearly drowned

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  1. calichickgirl

    calichickgirl In the Brooder

    Feb 1, 2015
    Yosemite Mts
    IMG_6314.JPG Bertha, our pet chicken, nearly died this morning !! Bertha lived with 2 ducks, she is not very Chicken social.
    I was out of town for the weekend and the Animal sitter called to tell me she found Bertha in the floating in the duck pond this morning. Apparently her eyes were open but she wasn't very active.
    I told her to bring Bertha inside and start by towel drying her off then blow dry her.
    When I got home Bertha was just flopped over, and had her eyes closed. She was very cold to the touch even though her feathers were pretty much dry. She was shivering and opening her mouth, I was not very hopeful.
    After a while, I decided to switch to a heater in the bathroom where we were. And gave her warm water by dropper with Electrolytes and Rescue Remedy . Within moments she had opened her eyes and tried to stand. I also made her some scrambled eggs. I'm not sure if it was the heater or Electrolyte water, but she perked up pretty quickly. I've used sweetened Electrolytes before for chickens and had great results ! She is now up and walking around, not 100% but doing pretty darn good!! I wanted I wanted to post this because I did a lot of reading while holding a shivering chicken and couldn't find lots of articles. Does anyone else use Homeopathy?
  2. dfalco

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    Apr 30, 2014
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    So glad you posted, and that Bertha is recovering. Sounds like maybe she was pretty cold. I have a couple hens that we're raised with ducks, and I worry about then falling into the pond. So far so good.

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