Pet chickens and pregnancy?

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    Jun 6, 2013
    Ok so not sure where this question should have gone, but here we go. Went to the doctor today and found out we are expecting. She gave me a big packet of do's and don't and one thing she said was make sure cheeses are pasteurized. So me being new to a backyard flock and living in the city, I asked well I eat eggs that are not pasteurized? So she had no clue and I cant really find much on the internet. So to anyone's knowledge is it safe to eat your backyard eggs while being pregnant? and also is it safe to handle the chickens and clean the coop being pregnant? Any direction would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

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    Your typical grocery store eggs are not pasteurized either. They are available but most of them are not. I would just refrain from eating raw eggs, ie cookie dough! Other then that, with normal hygiene like hand washing after caring for your birds you should be fine. I've always cared for my birds/coops while pregnant and didn't change a thing about the way I do things. I always wash hands after going to the barn and the eggs are always cooked or used in baking etc., nothing raw.
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