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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Hannah13579, Nov 9, 2013.

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    Nov 9, 2013
    We have 3 hyline chickens in our backyard and we want to get 2 ducks as pets. We want to get females because a lot of websites have said males are aggressive and we don't want drama. Muscovies sound good but I really don't like the look of them, sorry. From research khaki Campbells sound like good ducks, quieter than some ducks, good layers and good pets. Some people have said they can be shy but if we cuddle them from babies will they be more friendly? Any opinions on this breed would be great, getting very excited about them.

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    [​IMG] you might find out more if you post here..
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    I have khakis and love them dearly. They are good layers and foragers, and fun to have. They are a little skittish and don't usually like to be handled. If you spend LOTS of time with them as ducklings you may be able to handle them as they grow older but they may reach a certain maturity where any handling is not desired by them. I do recommend them and wouldn't trade mine for anything.

    Good luck!
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    Khakis are EXCELLENT layers, but they are LOUD as females (usually only when startled or if something is out of place).
    They are also very timid as a breed, so even if cuddled and handled daily as babies, they do not typically get sound enough to want to be picked up and played with as adults.

    Male ducks are very quiet, and if you raise them together they almost never fight. But if you have female ducks too, you will want to have at least 2-6 females for every one male (it really depends on the breed) or your females will get over-bred and can go bald and become lame.

    Muscovy ducks are awesome pets. They are VERY quiet (they are quackless), LOVE attention as babies and adults (as long as you play with them a lot and get them used to you) and you can even train them to come when called and eat treats out of your hand. If it's the caruncles that turn you away (the red stuff on their heads) then I would suggest getting females as they don't usually have much of it. Or if you can find some from a breeder who's breeding stock doesn't have much as adults, it tends to be genetic so you can find males that don't have it either.
    Here are a few pics of mine:
    This is Miss Carly. She is about 5 years old and her caruncles are done growing. So as you can see, she has very little caruncling.

    It's hard to tell in this pic, but the duck on the left and in the middle are both 1 1/2 year old drakes. They are done growing as well so the caruncling they have is all they are going to get. So not all drakes have caruncles that take over their faces!

    But if you definitely do not want muscovies, I would suggest pekins, anconas, rouens, or buff. They are all loud as females (you will find some females are louder than others) and usually only really loud when someone or something startles them. They are all calmer breeds by nature (I have raised each breed before and still have some of them) and easier to get used to you especially if you get them as ducklings.

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    Hi! We have a female khaki Campbell and a female white Campbell as pets and they are brilliant. We got them when they were about 6months old (so not handled a lot as chicks).

    At first they were very shy, especially the khaki, but we've now had them 3 months and they are great! They run right over to us when we go out, they eat out of our hands and they knock on the window if we're in the kitchen. They've got funny personalities and are lovely to watch waddling around the garden. They're never going to want to be picked up and cuddled but they are friendly.

    They're not particularly loud, they sometimes can have a good shout and chatter a lot but its nice. They lay nice big eggs daily.

    I haven't had other breeds so I can't compare, but I love our Campbells!!

  6. mariehanson

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    Aug 2, 2013
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    I agree with BrownEyedGal, I have two white Campbells which I got when they were 3 months old. They were petrified of everything including their own reflection. But give them plenty of attention and they will become your best friend. The running joke in our house now is that every time I am in the garden I will announce that I've got a strange feeling that I'm being followed. Quickly turn around and there will be two ducks right behind me like little stealth ninjas [​IMG]. One of my girls doesn't mind being picked up and stroked but they other will run away or cause as much noise as possible if she is caught. But they will run up to me when they see me coming out of the house, they eat from my hands (peas and tomatoes being their favourite) and expect me to come and see them so they can fill me in on their day with their cute little duck chatter. You absolutely must get Campbells, they are funny little monsters and very reliable egg layers.

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