Pet hen, now momma, new flock?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by aguamarina, Aug 22, 2013.

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    Apr 9, 2013
    Hello, my pet hen is now a momma of 3. Two weeks old tomorrow chicks she takes very good care of and learn lessons everyday.

    My concern is if they'll make a family. You'll see, she was born under a duck momma, and became motherless right away, since this momma didn't want to keep a chick. So I became her momma, obviously since I am not a chicken I never asked her to leave my side, she stayed with me and being 3 months still cried out at the bathroom door when I went in, which ended up being allowed in when I showered or bath, soon she learnt I was behind the bathroom curtain and was calm. Very funny all the way, but since she IS a chicken, she may peck her chicks when considers they are already old enough.

    I put her eggs because I didn't want her to be alone and because she kept going broody and I let her be a mom.

    Two chicks are hen and one will be rooster. Don't know how we'll go on, however I imagined they'll become a family. So far they are very happy together and she prefers the chicks than me now, still she does remember her pet hen life and enjoys being held in my arms and replies when I call her name.

    So, I wonder what to expect. Since she had no chicken momma, she behaves as the best momma ever, so I don't worry for the chicks at all. Will she kick them out at some point, or the 4 will live happily ever after?


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    Most hens will kick their chicks out at some point or they will leave themselves one day, If your chicks and mother hen stayed together forever they would probably inbreed at some point.

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