Pet jealousy over new chicks?


7 Years
May 14, 2012
Northern Utah
We've had our first chicks for one and a half weeks now. After we clean out the brooder, give the chicks some love then put them back in our normally aloof cat won't leave us alone! It's sweet and also very interesting. Last night he wouldn't leave my lap which is highly unusual. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks!
Yep. My dog is clingy now too. He really doesn't care for the chicks much. They seem to make him nervous with their fluttery motion and chirps. If I'm at the brooder for more than a few moments, he begins making noise and trying to get my attention. He'll even come over and bump me or lean against my leg.

The rest of the animals, the other dog and two cats, don't really seem to mind.

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