Pet peeves at shows?


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Mar 25, 2012
My biggest pet peeve is when people do not clean out their coops! especially Juniors. The folks that put on shows work really hard, the least we can do is empty and throw out the cups and close the doors! we always stay and help.
Mine would be folks not taking care of there birds and cleaning out cages. But don't most shows charge a clean up fee. I just paid a 5$ clean up fee with my entry. At 5500 entries, that is a lot of cleanup money. They are paying someone to do it. Just saying
I think the fee actually goes to pay for, building rental, judges,show insurance,prize money,ribbons etc. The clean up crew and set up crew are volunteer. They were actually setting up this weekend.
Clean up?

Every show I've been to, the birds are cooped out, people gather their birds, their feed cups and waterers and peace out of there. How would you clean the coops? You can't drag a huge barrel trash can to each and every cage you own and use your hand to scoop out the shavings?

They have paper down on top of the tables for a reason. It helps with the clean up when it is time to remove the cages.
I believe my pet peeve would be people feeding and watering your birds with THEIR feed. Or people hijacking my feed to feed their own birds.

Don't feed my birds, don't water my birds. I've got it handled. Thanks though.
By clean up, I mean to take out the cups. You would be amazed how many people fail to do this, it only takes a second!
First show I ever went to, my silkies were very well groomed, there was not a stain or poop spot on them. But most of the other birds were disgusting! They were covered in poop and so greasy looking, and the judges just ignored it! Also one bird had mites and was left in the coop the whole show!

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