Pet pekin ducks


Aug 1, 2016
HELP!!! Myour daughter got 2 pekin ducks last year they have been together since they were 5 days old well over the last couple months we noticed the bigger one grabbing the smaller one by the neck and it has been getting worse I separated them 2 days ago because the smaller one has bites all around her eye her neck has bold spots and a chunk out of the top of the beak...I went out today and let them together and he jumped on her and was ripping her neck again I had to grab him off off her and separate them again...I really need help do I need to get rid of one but then the other would be lonely I don't know what to do...
Sounds like you have a male and a female and the male is overmating the female because you don't have enough girls for him. The solution is to get two or three more girls, or rehome the drake and get another female to keep the female company.

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