Pet poop composter - would this work with chicken poop?

Interesting idea... I need something like that for the dog waste... blech

My neighbor has a three open bin system. The first bin is fresh poop and bedding, the second is one year old, and the third is the 2nd year, at which point they use it. I just pile mine up with grass clippings, leaves and, of course, the shavings and then in the fall, I turn it over, and use the stuff on the bottom to turn over into the garden. By the spring, you'll still see some of the shavings, but basically it all just looks like part of the dirt at that point.
That trashcan won't be big enough, most likely. I'd imagine you'd end up having to have more than one if you want to do this. Otherwise, just pile it somewhere. It doesn't have to sit a whole year or two before you can use it though. But it does look the best by then. My concern about the buried thing is this.. how do you get it out without killing your back?

I've been contemplating what to do with the poop that I am scooping out of the hen house, it's mixed with wood pellets so it already has a fair amount of brown carbon material. Currently I am just adding it to an open pallet bin, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

I compost chicken poop and any bedding in an open pallet bin and it was composting so hot at one time that it would fog my son's glasses when he went to turn it. Sounds to me like you need to add some green matter to the compost to heat it up. Grass, weeds, vegetable waste, etc. It needs a bit of moisture, too, but not soggy. Also oxygen, which is why we turn it every so often.

Nothing better for the garden than well composted chicken manure!

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