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    I have 2 (at least) approx 2 month old blue silkies for sale. 1 has a messed up toe that curls under the foot the other I do not like the 4 & 5th toe separation. I am not sure on sex so selling straight run. They are $15 each.
    I also have three other 2 month old straight run silkies for sale, no obvious faults that I can see, but these are the zebra striped chicks I hatched a while back that were white with black stripes and I have been told that now that they are feathered out, two of them are partridge and blue partridge and quite possibly pullets. The other not sure on color or sex. I want $15 each for those as well. If they turn out to be truly partridge and blue partridge, they could be shown.
    I have a few month old babies for sale as well, pet quality, one has six toes each foot, the other has 4 toes each foot. Those I want $10 each for. Maybe other pet ones in there I decide to cull.

    I need to move these as I have too many chicks and not enough room to hatch any others. I will ship the older ones, but not the month olds as they are too small to do safely. Shipping I will estimate at $45 depending on how many you purchase and it goes by weight. I also charge for the box, which is included in the price. Or, I can deliver to the Pueblo show next weekend April 25th 2009 at the state fairgrounds. Pick up is also welcome.

    Older Pictures of the older partridge/blue partridge - Have new ones I have not downloaded yet




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    [​IMG] I pm'd you.

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