Pet sitting


Mar 1, 2019
Marquette mi
not sure where else to look. Would anyone know of a pet sitter in the marquette mi area for 4 hens? Going out of town next week and the person we had changed their mind. Thanks for any advice.


Crossing the Road
12 Years
Sep 19, 2009
Holts Summit, Missouri
Ask your local 4H program leader to see if any kids in your area with knowledge of chickens would be interested. Odds are there will be a parent in tow making so mature set of eyes and motivated parties are involved.

I have had kids, high school through college, care for my flock and other animals many times. Preferred approach is to have them house sit as well. I also have them come out a few days prior to help care for animals in the evening and setup containers of pre-measured feed and water so they know where everything is and how to operate in the event you are gone longer than planned. Extra feed is labelled and evident.

I also have so birds are overfed while I am away and call about time everything is to be checked. Plus have multiple flashlights.

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