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    Went into a pet store to get a rat for my snake. My usual store went out of business a week ago so i have been searching for a new one. Me and my BF walk in and they have all sorts of animals. We play with the bunnies and ferrits for a bit then look at the rats. They wanted $15-20 per rat becuase they said they were pets not snake food [​IMG] We decied to go to a new place but finish looking around before. We went over to look at the dogs and they were the sadest looking dogs i had ever seen in there! (this was not my first time there just the first time in about 2 years) There was poop all over the cages and the dogs were covered in it and looked so sick. We felt so bad and walked over to retiles. One of the workers had just lost a spider and had no idea where is was and there was a dead snake in one cage. The people could have cared less. We said something and then got rudfully turned away to another part of the store where there was a makaw. It was in a 10 gallon tank with a lid on it and a bowl of food ad water. And a towel on top of the cage covering the mesh top. I asked how old he was becuase he wasnt fully feathered yet. They said under 2 months! And asked about the food becuase it should still be hand feeding. They said it was fine and not to worry that they were the experts and walked away. I cheack the thermometer in the cage and it said 70 and this poor thing was shaking and wanting its way out to me. I took him out and it went right under my arm and between my body where is was warm. I felt so sorry for it and wanted to bring him home with me so bad for proper care. Someone saw i had him out and came over and took him and said we were ban from the store. i asked to speak to a manager about the care of the animals and staff. He told me the same. They were the experts and i needed to leave things alone and leave the store.

    What can be done about this and how can i help these animals? I am so worried more animals will die or even that makaw. He really hit my heart running so close to me like that. And you can tell he was hungry to.
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    simple animal control and report animal neglect.

    I do have to say if a customer in my store had messed with one of my baby birds, I would have banned that customer as well. They probably thought you were trying to steal it.
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    Quote:I did. They said with it being a pet store that there was regulations and things they had to up hold and were checked up on every few months so if there was nothing out of violation on those findings then there was nothing animal control could do.
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    oh poor things [​IMG] it makes me so sad to see animals like that [​IMG] on one hand you want to buy them to end their misery and on the other you don't want to support the petstore! i hope you find a solution [​IMG]

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    Quote:Not stealing but i understand. I did that because it was shaking and all the cages there are open and you are allowed to hold the animals like that. I guess they were amazed that it wasnt biting me because every other person to hold it drew blood or took chunks of skin with it. And they were already mad at me about asking so many questions about the bird and its conditons.
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    I would be calling a few tv stations and report what is going on. See if they have one of those undercover investigation teams.
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    Quote:Agree the temp.was to low, but nobody should handle a bird that age, Bacteria can kill a bird easy at that age. Disinfect hand and all before handling.....yes that the reason you was banned.
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    Try this

    If your still looking for a place to get snake food, have you considered online yet? There are quite a few places that are rather cheap and sell in bulk like or That is, assuming your snake will opt for f/t
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    Quote:Thank you. I will be looking into that first site alot and yes she does eat frozen but she much prefers live for the chase and killing them her self.
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    It frustrates me when animal control can't do anything. It's not animals control if you can't do anything! Thanks for caring and yes, please try hard to save those animals. [​IMG] Good luck!

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