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    Dec 15, 2010
    I've been reading up on Tarantulas as pets. There are some really beautiful and docile species that apparently make interesting pets. Some people handle their Tarantulas, but most keep them for observing (like an aquarium of fish). I'm not sure I could handle a 7in leg-span spider on my unprotected hand. LOL. I find them fascinating, but have not decided if I really want to take that plunge. What about you guys? Anyone have a pet tarantula?
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    I don't have any now but there was a time when I kept 34 different species, some make much better pets then others. The best beginner one would be something like a pink toe tarantula, it is medium in size, calm, hardy and easy to handle and care for.

    All spiders and tarantulas are venomous, but most can't hurt a human. Not only is the venom of most spiders not really toxic to humans but most can not even penetrate the skin if they do try to bite. Tarantulas defend themselves in two different ways and even though all of them can bite the tarantulas that throw utricating hairs have to be handled more carefully. If you are allergic or if you get the hair into your eyes or nose it can cause great discomfort and even a possibly dangerous reaction so research the species you want to keep before you buy one. Remember, just because some species of tarantula are not prone to biting does not necessarily make them a good pet, pick a species that is known as a good pet.
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    I have to agree with the pink toes being great pets, another bonus of them is you can have more than one in a tank. I would also recommend a Rose Haired, I personally have owned them I also have never had a problem handing them, but unlike the Pink Toe they can only be kept separately.

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