Pet Toxicities

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    Jan 30, 2014
    Barnhart, MO
    I know this isn't chicken related, but it is a concern for all animal owners. I just got my dog out of the hospital from ingesting "Buckeye" nuts. These are VERY toxic! Besides running up a several hundred dollar veterinary bill - the effects on my dog were very extreme (vomiting, dis-orientation, inability to stand or walk very well). This is the 5th day, those she is not 100%, she has made a marked and much welcomed recovery. My point to all this is be aware of what is in your surroundings and possible effect it may have. I know this is common sense, but we have / had several pets since living here and none have shown the slightest interest in the buckeyes - except Poochie! Just a little heads up.
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    Apr 8, 2013
    Good on you for giving a heads-up for those who might not know. There is a section of the forum for other animals including dogs, too. Might be worth reposting there, to specifically reach dog owners. They called the site "Backyard Chickens" but it's grown to cover most farmyard animals in some area or another. :)

    Best wishes, hope your dog recovers.

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