Petrified about popping my chickens' livers

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    Jul 14, 2008
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    I read a post a couple of months back about a BYCer whose chicken came prancing over to her one morning and then keeled over dead in the afternoon. She had the chicken autopsied and found lesions on the liver. The problem is called something, but I can't remember what. In the end she had found that she had "treated" it to death!!![​IMG] Ever since, I've been living in fear of damaging their livers and have only given them fruits and vegetables. Can anyone help me and my chickens out here by clearing up what will burst their liver and what won't and in what quantities? [​IMG] Thanks!

    Here's the post (#10):
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    My 50+ chickens get some type of treat nearly every day and I have not had an issue what so ever.
    However it is only 1x a day not may.

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