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Aunt Angus

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Jul 16, 2018
Nevada County, CA
My coop is home made, but I caulked the heck out of it - applied It to almost every joint and anywhere that let daylight through. It has rained heavily here the last couple of days, and the thing is completely dry inside. That might work for you, too. But as Texas Kiki said, a link or pics would help.
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Apr 6, 2017
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My Coop
Welcome to Backyard Chickens!:welcome We are glad you joined the flock! I have never heard of that title so I am positive I have never seen the coop. Anyway, can you describe where it is leaking?


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Nov 27, 2012
SW Michigan
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My Coop
Has anyone purchased this coop and found it leaks? If so what have you found, if anything, that corrects the problem?
This one?:
Very sexy...
... but very small, at least they are honest about it being "Suitable for 2 to 3 birds depending on size."
Curves are so attractive but not conducive to shedding water.

One of the biggest drawbacks I see with this coop is access to the inside,
the roof opening is not keeper friendly.
The slideout trays really don't really work out well for bedding/cleaning,
and once in awhile you need to get your hands on bird off the roost at night.


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Oct 20, 2014
I'd guess that it leaks at both the top of the roof opening (peak) and where the nesting box hook on ...

The roof is hinged on the wrong side in my opinion ... not only a pain to reach over, even though it is low (and tiny) hard to seal ...

"Small" is being nice, very tiny is more like it in my opinion and maybe suitable for one bantam ... run is roughly 12 square feet ... coop is roughly 4 square feet ... maybe 2 banties atmost, if they get along ... ;)


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Dec 1, 2016
Contra Costa county, Ca.
Very cute, but I agree the roof access doesn't seem practical. My tiny prefab coop also opened up the roof, but it also had a door on the side to access the chickens. In the year and 3/4 I used that coop, I never found a need to open the roof up. My bigger concern about this coop though, is lack of adequate ventilation.

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