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  1. My husband is thinking about raising some pheasants, how hard is it. A friend of his wants to have hunts on his large farm. Dh said he would buy the sportsman model for the incubator, so no complaints here. I've heard raising pheasants can be alil difficult as well as hatching them. Anybody raise pheasants from eggs? How often do they lay?
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    Mar 4, 2007
    Pheasants arent at all as hard as people make them sound. Well at least they arent for me. The just require attention. I have raised quail and pheasants and have had no problems with cannibalism or anything that you read so much about. Some of the pheasant chicks had crooked toes but that was easily solved with a card-board splint and medical tape. The big thing with gamebirds is SPACE. Since your DH is raising them to hunt you will probably want to invest in some polly peepers. This will keep the cocks from pulling tail feathers, etc. As far as egg laying it is about half of what a chicken gives. I have never raised any to laying age so Im not quiet sure. But I would say anywhere from 50-60 eggs per season.
    Anymore questions feel free to ask:)

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