Pheasant, Peafowl, Guinea & more--- Eggs or Chicks Nationwide shipping

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  1. Pheasants:
    15 colors of Ringnecks
    30 varieties of ornamental & rare pheasants.

    Peafowl: over 20 different varieties.

    Quail: several types of Bobwhite, Mearns, Valley, Gambels, Mountians, Blue Scaled.

    Chukar Partridge.

    For eggs see our listings on ebay:

    or see our website:

    For Pheasant or Peafowl chick orders go to:

    We will be selling some breeder pheasants in the next few weeks to free up some pen space, email me at [email protected]

    We are NPIP certified.

    Randy 920-229-3066

    Spectrum Ranch
    435 E Pearl St
    Neshkoro, WI 54960


    SOS Ranch
    35329 247th St
    Pukwana, SD 57370
  2. poultrykeeper08

    poultrykeeper08 Songster

    Feb 12, 2008
    Agawam , Ma
    What are you asking for the mearns quail eggs ?
  3. S n M Poultry

    S n M Poultry Songster

    Aug 31, 2007
    How much are you asking for a doz. Vultrine Guinea eggs? Also how much would a pair of hedgehogs be and can you ship them? thanks.
  4. wilds of pa

    wilds of pa Songster

    Randy you got some awesome animals and birds there at your ranch..wish i was closer id love to visit...nice set ups to..

  5. Marlinchaser

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    Oct 18, 2007
    I tried to look, but.............

    This Listing Is Unavailable

    This listing (140235560634) has been removed or is no longer available. Please make sure you entered the right item number.
    If the listing was removed by eBay, consider it canceled. Note: Listings that have ended more than 90 days ago will no longer appear on eBay.
  6. Poultrykeeper our Mearns are inbetween cycles right now- when they start laying again we will probably list some on ebay.

    S n M we only sell domestic guineafowl eggs. The Vulturine & Kenya Crested eggs we keep to hatch. One of our groups of Vulturines was laying a few eggs in there winter quarters before going out to a zoo for the summer. Hopefully they will start laying again soon- but the weather has been very cool this spring- so it will probably be awhile before they start again.

    Marlin- hopefully this link will work-
  7. Marlinchaser

    Marlinchaser Songster

    Oct 18, 2007
    Quote:That works thanks [​IMG]

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