"Pheasant,Quail Eggs or Chicks Wanted"


11 Years
May 3, 2010
Sac City,Iowa
Looking for Bobwhite {northern,wis,butler,etc} chicks {50-100}? or eggs and Ringneck Pheasant chicks {25}? or eggs.will need them shipped to Iowa or we will be going to Texas around the 15-16th and back to Iowa on around the 18th-19th of June,we will be taking 35 threw Kansas,Oklahoma, and Texas.might be able to stop and pick some up on the way back home if not to far out of the way or they can be shipped.let me know what you have.Thanks! Mike
I have 2 week old ringneck chicks, muscovy's (chicks to full grown) and batams, Jungle fowl chicks.
Live 1 hour south of KC. Let me know if interested.

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