Pheasant with broken leg. PICS!

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    Hey everyone one of my ringneck pheasants has broken his leg (well i think its broken) so now he can't use it and just hops on one foot now. Is there anything i can do to fix it? i was really wanting to use him for breeding. Here are some pics.....

    If you look in the middle of the left leg you can see the break and compare it with the right leg

    And this is him when he walks. He just holds the broken leg up and hops on the other one.
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    Mar 22, 2010
    Not really sure what to do but, if it where my leg that was hurt I would wrap it in an ace bandage for support, rest it, maybe a warm water soak, or warm water compresses. You could get those self sticking ace bandages, cut them into thinner strips that you could wrap around his leg to give it some support, maybe even wrap a small piece of wood, thin branch or what ever to help hold the leg straight while it heals. I would also keep him isolated for a few days so no attacks him while he is weaken and give him some electrolyte solution to help him heal and get strong.
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    get a couple of popcicle sticks or something similar and place on each side of the break and wrap in vet wrap. He should heal in a couple of weeks. We had an EE who had a compound fracture last winter and she had to stay in the house for 4 months, but is fine now. She runs and plays with everyone else although she has a gimpy run....
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    Poor thing I wish him a speedy recovery! [​IMG]
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    Put him in an enclosure where there are no other c*ckbirds or other fowl that will fight him. The leg will heal naturally with only a slight bend. He should be using it by breeding season and will most likely be able to do the job for you. edited to add that the less stress you cause him the better he will do. I think the splints will cause more aggravation than any good they will do. Although raised in captivity he is still a wild bird. There was a Semi-wild hunting operation close to me and upon several instances wounded pheasant have shown up at my bird feeders. If they were gimping somewhat and favoring a leg like the bird in the photo they always managed to recover.
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