Philadelphia/Delaware County Anyone?


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Apr 16, 2014
Does anyone keep chickens in the Philadelphia area?
According to the code, you can only keep chickens in area that is at least three acres. In Philly, that's not very easy to find. And from my understanding, the three acre rule doesn't apply if you are using it for educational purposes, etc.
I also read that animal control officials won't really enforce the three acre rule unless complaits from a neighbor comes through.
The worst thing is that if even one neighbor complains they can take your chickens away.:(
I think as long as the coop is clean and doesn't smell and the chickens are fairly quiet, they should't have a reason to complain.
It's not like we report their dogs barking nonstop day and night.
{vent complete}
What are your opinions on this rule, my fellow Philadelphians?


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Dec 15, 2012
Onancock, VA
I am in Delaware County also, Upper Chi. So far I haven't had any problems with neighbors complaining, in fact, they love my chickens! So many bring their kids to see them! Our coops are well built and clean so no smells. But the girls do get a bit loud in the morning so I have to be up early to give out some treats to keep them quiet. They are not near as loud as the dogs next door, so it's not a problem. We have a 5' wooden fence so I thought neighbors wouldn't even know they were here but word sure got around. But like I said, the neighbors like them and think they're cute! I only know of one other chicken keeper in my area so it's nice to know that you are here!

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