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10 Years
Sep 13, 2009
Near Ottawa Ontario Canada
After reading about the egg drop soup, I somehow got thinking about Pho.
I've only had it a few times, but loved it! And now want to recreate it. Do you have a fav. recipe? I googled how to make it. They said a beef marrow bone, it that what you would use.
Thanks everyone for your ideas. Gonna surprise Hubby with it, he's never had it.
I don't have a recipe, but I bet Chef Google does

Whenever I need a recipe I find tons by Googling.
I echo 2Dogs sentiments (HEY 2 Dogs !!)
Also look on YouTube - lots of folks make videos of recipes - I tell ya I can't tell ya how many times I spend a morning researching recipes on YouTube and gleaning what I think is the secret to each dish by seeing how different people make it.
Good Luck...

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Thank-you, Yes this is what I did
I like the guy you posted recipe of KenK, I subscribed to him lol Thank-you

You tube, gonna try to make it tomorow !!

Cute story, went to a little Asian market today when I was in city.. I was looking for a spice pack, I had saw on youtube.. So I found the right noodles, I needed there, and this fish stock stuff I wanted for spring rolls. Go up to counter and ask little lady behind counter, That I want to makes this.. "Pho was on label" I pointed to it. Can you show me spices I said please. She was so nice, showed me her fav. and than ask if I had this and that.. Did I have a recipe, I said yes on internet. Oh good she said.

I was worried because there's clearly a language barrier, but it worked out very well. Can't wait to go back there again! She was so nice to me

I can picture her telling her family about the little white girl that was in there. Wanting to make pho. Laughing at how I walked up and down ever iles trying to figure out what I need. Like I knew lol Before asking for help!

Everything was a different language in there, very neat for me to get to explore!
I looked I book marked! Very nice site!

Pho, turned out well! loved it ! Hubby liked it, was a nice, reminder of how we used to eat before kids.. We would spend 2, 3, 4 hrs in kitchen np, for supper. Of course after kids, easier said then done..

Still my new mission is to, once a week, make him a nice meal, you know, something we normally wouldn't eat.. mostly cause of prep time! Like when we were young, it was a nice connecting dinner..

Next week will probley be homemade canniloneii, with ceaser salad, and garlic bread. All homemade! Like when we were young and free !

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