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For those of you who were in chat last night.


Talked to the emergency vet last night on the phone, and they said that her temp. wasn't fatal, and to see how she did today. She's still got fever, 103.3 F, but her nose is wet and cold, and she's been up and walking around, she drank several handfuls of water (she won't drink out of her bowl, but my hands she will.). I talked to my sister who lives in Texas, she's got a lab/pit mix and a few other dogs. She said hers went through the same thing last month, it was a virus, and it lasted about a week. Tidbits, her lab/pit couldn't even get up, she slept alot, wouldn't eat, and had fever. She's fine now (Tid). The emergency vet last night said as long as she doesn't get dehyrated, go into seizures, or into respiritory distress, she should be okay, just to watch her closely. My sister said if nothing gets alot worse, I should wait one more night before I take her in. My gut is telling me she's just got the flu or something...if it gets any worse I'm going to bring her in. But she's acting a little more like herself today. Like I said, she's still got a bit of fever, but seems to be doing alot better. Me, on the otherhand, got NO sleep last night.

Everyone still keep her in your prayers, please.
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Last time I had one that sick she slept in my room with me in a sleeping bag on the floor! The length we go to for our four legged critter babies. Glad things are looking good!
Thanks Miss_Jayne.

Ms. Kate! She slept right next to me on my bed last night under a blanket.
Phoebe still won't drink on her own. Her fever is back up, and I know that's why. She ate a little boiled chicken & carrots last night, though...

Is there anything I can put in her water to make her drink?
It won't if you use fresh chicken to make it yourself, just don't add water. Another way to help hydrate her if she's willing to eat but not drink is to soak rice until it's super soggy in the broth and then give her the broth and rice together in a deeper dish so she gets the broth with the rice. If all else fails, a large injector with water right down the throat, carefully. I've done it a lot with sick dogs and cats.
Took Phoebe to the vet. They ran a bunch of tests, everything was negative. They gave her a shot to bring down the fever, injected her with enough fluids to last her through the weekend. He gave me an antibiotic to last a week, and something for nausea, two pills, once daily through Monday. If she's not drinking by then, I have to bring her back in.

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