Phoenix? Ameracuana?


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Mar 3, 2011
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Hello everyone
I am new here.

I know I need to post a pic for you all to really be able to help me and I promise to try to go take a good pic of her tomorrow and try to figure out how to post to this thread, but for now I want to describe one of my pullets, Basil, to see what you think. She is 2.5 mo. old, brown with feathers that almost seems laced to me (brown/black) but with very, very fine lacing as she herself is tiny. Her tail is perkier than most chicks and she is shaped more like a bird. She has flight, being able to fly without effort to the top of the coop (~5'). She is super duper sweet. Very tame. Very docile. She loves fresh fruit, especially blueberries and strawberries. She gets along with all the other pullets because of her docility. She is clever and not meek though, so she does not get picked on either. She is so tame she will sit contentedly in my 8 year old son's hand for as long as he likes.

When she was a new hatched peep, she was brown with a darker "racing stripe" down her back and "Egyptian" eyes lined black. The feedstore fella told us she was an Ameracuana but we saw a Phoenix at fair that we swore was a bigger version of her.

Is this enough information for anyone to help us identify her?
If you got her from a feedstore it's highly unlikely she's a phoenix. What color are her legs, what type of comb does she have, does she have a beard?
long body could be a pheonix... my feedstore gets their chicks from mcmurry, and they always have st run pheonix chicks in std and bantam...

put up some pics...
Basil is very tame and friendly so it was easy to get lots of pics of her. Let me know what you think she is. She is about 2.5 mo. old.


My 8 year old son holds his favorite chicken.


Basil above with typical perky posture


Here are a couple of good pics of her feather coloring in these pics above and below.


Above she was checking out the camera and I was able to get a good mug shot.

The next 3 pics below show her relative size compared to her friends around her.


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ms.cluckling :

If she was an Americuana she'd have greenish gray feet and muffsvery cute!

NO. That would make her an EE.
True Ameraucanas have blue slate legs and muffs.​

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