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When you go into your albums, you should see a button above the album labeled "Reorder Photos". Click that, then you can drag them around into different orders, or drag them from the album you are viewing into one of the other albums listed on the left side of that page.

If you have photos you uploaded before BYC switched forum software at the start of the year, they are in your default album; you need to make that album public before you can move pix out from there and into a different album.

Let us know if this works for you.
No that doesn't work. When I go into reorder it won't let me click to drag them. It use to work. Not anymore. I keep reading about a new photo uploader is that the problem?
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What browser/operating system are you using? I find it works well in Firefox, but with IE8 it is hit or miss. Sometimes I can grab the pix and move them and sometimes I can't.
This screen shot was with IE8, moving a photo to another album. However, a couple minutes earlier I couldn't get it to work in the same browser.

I have google chrome, it was working before, it just seemed like when my gold feather membership lapsed, it started happening. I don't think that is why. Just don't know what happened.
I have Google Chrome v. 22.0.1229.94, running on WinXP, I juist tried that one and it worked.

Like I mentioned, at first this morning it worked on IE 8, then for a while I couldn't get it
to work, then it started working again.

It has worked consistently on FF.
In my case, I was having trouble in the default album, which I did make public. At first it worked in that album, then it didn't (I couldn't grab and move images) and then a little later it was working. That was only in IE 8, it worked OK in FF.
This still isn't fixed. I have always been on Google Chrome and it worked before. I paid for a gold feather membership and can't even use the features others without a membership can. Can someone please look into this.
We're sorry you're having problems, but we need more details and you haven't answered the question above. Here it is again for your reference:
Which album is it? Is it a private album or a public album?

Also, which exact pictures are you trying to move from which album into which album?

You mentioned you are using Google Chrome. Which version? Have you tried it on Firefox? It is possible you have an extension or plugin that is causing problems and trying another browser will help us isolate the issue.

We aren't getting flooded with reports of this problem, so usually that means it is an issue with your computer, browser, version, plugin, extension, etc. combination and our ability to duplicate, find, and fix the problem is limited.

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