Photographers. Do you have a bucket list?


Apr 29, 2017
Dathomir (Or maybe the AZ central Desert)
Here's mine in no particular order.

1. Northern Lights
a. Over Iceland in winter
b. with an active volcanic eruption
2. Southern Lights
3. Southern Cross
4. Stromboli
5. Etna
6. Kilauea
7. Kawah Ijen (blue volcano in indonesia)
8. Thunderstorms in Australia
9. The Night sky from the Southern hemisphere
10. Neuchwanstein Castle in Germany
11. Ireland. All of it.
12. Scotland. Samesies.
13. Milky Way rise over a flat, still lake in any desert on earth
14. Earth, from low orbit.
15. Halong Bay, Vietnam
16. Giza
17. Victoria Falls
18. White Sharks underwater
19. Mantas underwater
20. Whales breaching and underwater.
21. Yellowstone at all times of the year.
22. Wolves in the wild
23. Tornado. (yes, I'm insane)
24. Thunderstorms of all kinds and intensities (I kinda do this as often as I can now, but it's never enough)
25. Sunrises and sunsets from as many places as I can.
26. Milky way rise over Mauna Kea
27. Cologne Cathedral, Cologne Germany
28. St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow

Lacy Duckwing

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Nov 6, 2017
My Coop
My Coop
1. A rooster crowing with the sun rising behind it.
2. A horse rearing up in a field with a Mountain in the background.
3. An adorable winter/Christmas picture of a couple of my hens wearing bows by those pine trees. (Planning on doing that this winter.)

And there's probably more...


Mar 15, 2018
Lower Alabama
My Coop
My Coop
Haven't given too much thought to it as I’ve been mainly an opportunist but now that you got me thinking.....

1) Waterfowl on the water during Golden hour at eye level with interesting background colors. Specifically wood ducks and teal, preferably in the wild. Wood ducks perched also.

2) Spacex rocket launch including a long exposure of the takeoff and the booster landing in one pic.

3) FPV drone footage of just about anything, lol.

4) Time-lapse of some storm cells moving across open plains.

5) Extreme close up of a cormorants eye.
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