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  1. peachick

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    Aug 8, 2007
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    I have wanted to discuss this for a while.... here I go.

    I raise Wheaten Ameracaunas and have a lovely blue egg that people seem to really want. The day I found my first 3 eggs in the nest last year I took this photo.

    Since then a lot of people have asked me "are your eggs REALLY that blue?". Yes, they are... in that photo, on that day, indoors, infront of that glass door, from those hens, at that time of day, and with that amount of sunshine outside. There are SO MANY factors that influence colors in a photo.

    This years pullets are starting to lay now and I'm just as pleased with the egg color. I tried to re-create that original photo. I don't think I succeeded.... the new photo just dosent do the eggs any justice. I did it in the exact same location, in front of the same glass door, on a very sunny day, at approximately 10am.

    Here is the same photo useing a flash on the camera.... see how the flash washes out the color of the egg.

    Perhaps if I re-take the photo on a cloudy day the photo will be closer to the origional... or maybe I'll wait until 3pm and take it again.

    Here are a few other photos I experimented with.

    same 3 eggs... same day .... outside that same glass door... in the shade ....on a sunny day... no flash

    with a flash

    same 3 eggs... same day.... in the living room.... 20 feet from a window... on a dark surface.. no flash

    with a flash
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    I think it has to do with the setting on the camera.
    I have taken photos of my eggs in many different ways and they always wind up lighter unless I adjust the dial. Then my eggs can be the same color as you are showing in the above photos when they are actually a lot lighter.
    I try to only put the photos of my eggs on my website that they actually look like next to my computer screen. I don't want anyone thinking I am cheating them but I would prefer they be amazed that they are darker in person than what I am showing in a photo.

    Some of mine come out looking amazing but to get that true color I have to adjust my camera and the color is most often right after a molt.
  3. NC_Chick0403

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    Sep 7, 2009
    Doesn't matter what the real color is - I think blue eggs are really cool
  4. Krys109uk

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    Nice eggs. Those might be the bluest eggs I've ever seen.

    Back to photography...I've had the same sort of experiences photographing Marans eggs & to some extent bird colour. It often seems difficult to get a photo which accurately represents the colour.
  5. JewellFarm

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    Apr 22, 2009
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    I think all the picks are a beautiful blue. I guess I would use the pick that matches the color of your eggs as closely as possible. I am hoping to get some of your eggs in the spring if I can make room for another breed, lol.

    Also, I just noticed the first pic is more of a close up than the next few. Maybe that is making a difference in the color. The last two pics look to be about the same distance focus wise as the first and resemble the coloration of the first pic very closely.
  6. mikenandrea

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    Jun 1, 2009
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    I agree!! Has to be some of the bluest eggs I have ever seen!! do you have any available?
  7. 2txmedics

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    Jul 5, 2009
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    wow, beautiful eggs, mine are very light in color....


    what hen laid yours? and how can we get some?? lol
  8. Pathfinders

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    Jan 25, 2008
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    There are so many factors that impact how something looks when you photograph it, and then you throw in the way someone else's computer monitor is calibrated, it's hard to get things that look right!

    Personally, I would love it if the Ameraucana club would do an egg chart the way one of the old Marans clubs did (still have a couple of those around somewhere, should probably sell them on eBay or something!) [​IMG]

    Your best bet is to try to edit your photos with something like Picasa, and then print out a print, compare it to your eggs, and see if you've got it right. Once you've done so, you should be good, at least for YOUR monitor.

    And hey, those are gorgeous eggs!
  9. peachick

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    Aug 8, 2007
    Maryland 21787
    Quote:Ohhhhh I think you are right. I was closer to the eggs in the last pic... you can tell by the size of the egg in perspective to the others. hmmmm

    As I said. I never change the settings on the camera so in theory each photo should be the same.... except for environmental factors effecting the lighting, like flash, time of day... cloud cover....

    I do think the top photo represents the eggs well... when the eggs are indoors and without bright lights. Outside in the sunshine, they look lighter......

    I really appreciate everyones input on this, and thank you for the compliments on the eggs.... not that I have ANYTHING to do with it LOL. I bought my origional birds from Pips n Peeps.... shes been great! They are Wheaten and Blue Wheaten Ameracaunas. Beautiful birds, with correct conformation.... the fact that they lay this color egg is just icing.... they are great birds.

    My young pullets are now laying and the egg color is just as impressive. My last 2 dozen eggs had to go in my incubator since the eggs didnt sell... so if anyone wants chicks... please come visit me in about 3 weeks LOL
    If you want to buy eggs. pm me.
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  10. Birch Run Farm

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    Sep 5, 2008
    Do ya ship chicks? I'd love them.

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