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Six Months ago I didn’t want chickens. Melissa did. She fell to her knees and begged me for chickens.

At the time I was browsing my facebook page . . . as a FB status update (what’s on your mind?)
I typed: "Oh crap, Melissa really really really wants Chickens. Vote Here."
Within a day I had 29 responses, many humorous, most saying: GET THE GIRL SOME CHICKENS!!!

From the moment we got our chicks I’ve enjoyed them immensely.
I’ve taken hundreds of photos of ‘the kids’ and posted them on my Facebook page, -which has resulted in a very lively virtual discussions.
I figured they should be shared here on BYC as well, so on my page (PhotoChicken) I've posted a sampling of the photos.

I trust you'll enjoy them.



PS For the record our chickens are:
Blackie -Barred Leghorn. She's been laying perfect eggs 'like clockwork.
Blu Blu -Blue Langshan. She's a big bird. Looks like a very comfortable sofa.
Samantha -Americauna. C'mon Sam honey, give us some blue eggs.
Guy-Guy -White Crested Blue Polish. Was 'Ga-Ga' till he started crowing. Charming little despot.
Buffy -Buff-Laced Polish. Also a Roo. Very photogenic. Absolutely hilarious.
OMG I love your photos! Oh and by the way, as soon as you've posted 10 messages you can put your pictures in your posts. Heck, you can even just reply to your own posts to get the count to 10. But people might think you're a bit strange talking to yourself that way
Wow. Those are some great photos! You should enter several of them in the calendar picture competition. I especially like the war chicken and chicken coming in for a landing. They are all quite exceptional.


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