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Jan 11, 2010
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i saved the best picture for last.. i guess i missed the "mom we are taking a silly picture" memo. lol he's so silly. i love him. as you can see he LOOOOVES to get his picture taken.. what a ham
Awwww! Look at his tongue sticking out like that in the last photo. LOL! Some birds seem to like being photographed, it seems. There's two ganders at the lake that seem to strike a pose when they see someone pointing a camera at them.
he's such a goof ball. idk how anyone couldn't like that duck. he's so freakin cute!!!! yeah he loves me. he follows me everywhere. when we first moved here he wouldn't go past a certain area.. and my dad was telling me about it.. i guess he tried to get duckie to walk all over. i said pshh i got this.. and he came past the invisible boundary line and followed me all over the yard lol. he's so cute when he's out there tearing up the grass for no reason lol
He really is gorgeous. Its amazing to see his face now!! After being out in the summer sun his caruncles look great!!! Not to much - just enough to make him look very handsome. He really is such a character. Give him a huge cuddle from me.... and poke you tongue back at him as well..
i will give him a cuddle for you ducky.. i love his face!!! so last night my mom and i are out with duckie.. my dad was there too.. there is an area in the yard i don't want him to go to because after cleaning and cleaning i STILL find nails and stuff.. (stupid owner before us) and so he went over there to look at out neighbors chickens and rooster.. i said duckie turn around and go back on the grass lol. he did! then he kept trying. i said duckie i can't see you turn around please and he did. at one he point he tried to go back over and looked at me and turned around LOL then after awhile he lunged at me so i decided he was time for him to go back in. soo my dad can't put him back in without picking him up and physically carrying him in the pen.. you should have seen my dad's face when i point to the pen and said duckie go inside and he went hahaha. then while later duckie peeked his head around so i could see and i told him to go to sleep.. i didn't see him the rest of the night. lol

i think it's sooo funny that he seems to understand follow directions pretty well. he's so smart!

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