Photos of Runner Cross', Hens are Blue or Fawn Runners and...?


7 Years
May 18, 2012
Here are 3, 4 week 2 day old ducks. They are half runner (blue or fawn) and the 4 drakes I have are Jumbo Pekin, Black Swedish, Rouen, and Welsh Harlequin. I was going for Blue and Welsh Harlequin. Any guesses as to who the daddies are?
Thanks, Rich

The blue duck on the left is what I'm asking about.
But I don't have any Blue Swedish only a Black Swedish and a Blue Runner. Are you saying the blue is from the runner and the Swedish is from the Metzer Black?

Thanks, Rich
It's almost impossible to tell with the mix of ducks you have. First of all, the blue and black bibbed ducks are probably from the black Swedish drake. If that is true, then the black duckling would have to be from the blue mom, since fawn (I assume you mean fawn and white???) has 2 blue dilution genes, and the duckling would have inherited one from the hen. The other blue duckling could be from either hen.

The other is more complicated. It has blue in it, meaning it could come from either hen (duh...).

1) The Rouen is NOT the father because your duckling would have inherited the wild mallard pattern, and show eyestripes.

2) The black swedish is not the father because the duckling would have inherited the dominant bib pattern

3) Either the pekin or the Welsh Harlequin is the father of duckling #3

Love these genetics puzzels. Please post pics when they get older.

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