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I notice that a lot of people post pictures of their kids on here. While I love seeing all the little cutie-pies, does this not worry you in light of some of the wackaloons out on the web? Am I too nervous about such things? I hate having my own picture up on websites, much less those of my nieces.

(I don't want to come across as disparaging anyone's parenting skills. I really am just curious about this. I have no kids and admit to being a bit camera-phobic my own self.)

Thoughts on the matter?


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I would be fine posting my son's pic - his name is different from mine and if anyone tried to find him, hisname is so common they would have to weed through millions. LOL!!!


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Mar 20, 2008
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Nope I do not worry about for two reasons... she and I have different last names (mine is Smith...good luck finding the right one), my address is not posted anywhere and most importantly...I feel sorry for the individual who did find our home with the intent of taking or harming her...I shoot to kill and will.
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Same here my kids have a different last name. And we live on a dead end street anyone who comes back here must go pass the about 7 family members. Just picture old men sitting on the porch in rocking chairs spitting tobacco and holding shot guns. One of the uncles will actually stop a car if he doesn't recognize it. The first time the pizza man came well lets just say he probably had to go home and change himself. lol


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Mar 20, 2008
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Sounds like my house and my house growing up when my sister and I were old enough to actually go outside alone.


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Apr 30, 2009
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i wouldn't. i was watching a dispute in a forum (not this one) and one of them clicked on the others user name and got his ISP. from that he put it into google maps and posted a picture of the guys house with address. then he used an online site of some sort and posted his full name, number, when he bought the house, how much he paid, ariel picture and front picture of the home. too much information is out there already and it's too easy to get. some wack job can easily find a picture and trace where he/she lives. any psychos come here though, will have to dodge a hail of bullets and various other obstacles. i protect my home and family.


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Actually posting my wedding pics on here was a little more than I am comfortable with, but I did it anyhow.
I personally know how bad it can get when you post pics of your kids and I'll never do it again.


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Nov 7, 2008
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I definitely know what you mean about wackaloons... But I figure there are as many in daily "real life", as there are on the internet. And actually, I think the "real life" ones would have an easier time figuring out stuff about me & my kids (where we shop, get gas, what kind of car, school district, etc., etc.).

I guess I treat both situations the same... take reasonable precautions, watch what info I give out, teach my girls "stranger danger" safety, and listen to my own internal "danger/weirdo alarms"... Plus of course, a dog, and a well-protected/armed residence.

I think I would lose my mind (and lock up my kids!!) if I thought about it too, TOO, much...

I read something that stuck in my head, while I was pregnant with my first child: "Welcome to parenthood, prepare to be afraid for the rest of your life."

But I will post an occasional pix of my kids, with aforementioned precautions in place!

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